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I have been writing about personal finance, VA loans, the GI Bill, auto loans, insurance and many other finance related topics since 1992 when I worked as a feature writer and reporter for Air Force News Agency and the Far East Network, Misawa Japan.

I am a 13-year Air Force veteran with a career that includes writing, editing and reporting around the world. My assignments included Korea, Japan, and Iceland. While working for Air Force News Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas I covered a world-wide beat that included stories in Greenland, Norway, Lithuania, and Honduras.

Today my freelance writing, editing, and social media work includes retail banking topics such as the effects of Reg E, the Durbin Amendment, and other regulatory issues. I also write about mobile technology and the banking industry, security and fraud prevention.

I also write a great deal about VA home loans, the GI Bill, and other veteran-specific issues. If you need a freelance writer, editor or social media manager who specializes in these topics, please feel free to contact me for assignments or projects.


Freelance writer, editor, social media manager 2005 – Present

Responsibilities include web content writing/editing, developing social media campaigns, and community management on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Clients: Bank Administration Institute, Artisan Creative, TexCorp, FHA.com, VALoans.com, MilitaryHub.com, AcademicEarth.org, Yuhwen Chow M.D. and many others.

Founder, Co-Owner Freelance-Zone.com 2004-Present

Responsibilities include web design, multi-media content creation (including video promotional materials), blogging, social media management and SEO optimization. CMS/Blog platforms include Drupal and WordPress.

Founder/Owner Turntabling.net 2009-Present

Responsibilities include web design, daily content creation via WordPress, SEO optimization, social media management, online vinyl record sales and catalog management.

Global Mobility Solutions Editor, Motorola 2009-2010

Project-based assignment for Motorola.com B2B division. Responsibilities included web content creation, web editing, coordination of projects between Marketing and offshore project team, and post-project consultation. CMS database maintenance via Vignette.

Managing Editor, CheapToday.com 2007-2008

Responsibilities included developing editorial policy, hiring freelancers, website editing and management, content management system backend management, blog creation, social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook, radio and television PR. CMS database management via outsourced custom-built system.

Managing Editor, Gearwire.com 2006-2007

Responsibilities included hiring freelancers, daily content creation, SEO optimization, content migration to Drupal from custom-built, outsourced system. Tradeshow coverage and foreign travel, managing teams of reporters for print, audio and video productions.


WordPress, Drupal, Vignette, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn profile creation and community management, Adobe Creative Suite, Youtube, Final Cut Pro, Audacity, Word, DVD authoring via Toast Titanium, various video editing gear, cameras, digital recorders, SEO/SEM, Google Analytics.

Thank you for taking time to review my resume and skills. Please feel free to get in touch with me by e-mail: jwallace242@gmail.com or by phone at (773) 275-8602.


Joe Wallace

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